Best in Class Trading Platform

AxiPrime is integrated with Integral’s FX Inside trading platform. FX Inside seamlessly aggregates multiple price feeds for you to view from one interface. View a complete list of market makers with their associated price streams and have trades automatically flow into your back office regardless of the liquidity provider.

  • Simple to use
    Simple to useAn intuitive, highly-configurable user interface provides flexibility in displaying all your liquidity providers with their multi-tier prices by currency pair, size, and provider on one screen.
  • Find the best price, easily
    Find the best price, easilyThe Integral FX Inside platform sorts and ranks feeds to locate the best price, even in fast-moving markets.
  • Clean pricing
    Clean pricingMultiple order types including Forex algorithms.
  • Confidentiality
    ConfidentialitySupports execution of large trades while keeping your interests private.
  • Advanced ordering
    Advanced orderingMultiple trading modes; sophisticated order-crossing logic; and powerful configuration options for ESP, RFS and undisclosed or displayed orders. This gives you complete control over your dealing activity.
  • Improved execution capability
    Improved execution capability“FX Grid” low latency network increases the probability of filling and executing an order, and reduces rejection rates from LPs due to delays. You can submit orders and execute your trades in real time.
  • Straight-through processing (STP) available
    Straight-through processing (STP) availableSTP is available via RTNS, Traiana, and Integral’s STP client.