Why AxiPrime?

The AxiPrime Advantage

  • Superior pricing environment
    Superior pricing environment Leverage our deep liquidity, prime brokerage and aggregation services. Take advantage of our established global relationships, no matter what your size. Pricing is critical!
  • Security
    SecurityReceive the highest security for your funds: a segregated trust account at a top tier bank.
  • Proactive training and support
    Proactive training and supportWith 24-hour multilingual customer support, your requests are addressed quickly and efficiently. Additional training to start up, maintain and understand new offerings is ongoing.
  • Regulation
    RegulationWork confidently with a firm that is regulated in Australia and the United Kingdom and maintains a long-standing clean track record.
  • Mitigated latency
    Mitigated latencyReceive order execution in milliseconds with our co-located servers and superior technology.
  • Product range
    Product rangeChoose from: 50+ major and minor foreign currencies; their cross rates; exotics; precious metals; commodities; and index CFDs.
  • Platform agnostic
    Platform agnosticYour business; you are in control. It’s our goal to be flexible to meet our customers’ ever-changing needs. Our superior technology and forward thinking means we are connected to the Forex industry through a number of platforms and intermediaries, to fit into even the most complex client set-up.


How AxiPrime Was Developed

Creating the perfect liquidity solution is not for the faint-hearted! Prime broker arrangements need to be established, liquidity feeds connected and aggregators implemented. This is a time-consuming process that can take years.

Once implemented, the number of liquidity providers needs to be balanced with the flow of business to achieve top-quality rates. Too many liquidity providers and buying power is lost; not enough and the redundancy and reliability needed to consistently deliver the best pricing isn’t available.

AxiTrader carefully cultivated its relationships with banking providers and diligently implemented technology pieces until we achieved the perfect balance of reliability and low cost. Now you can have the same solution at the click of a button.



Inception Services for New Businesses – The Tools and Guidance You Need

We specialise in holding your hand, to help your new Forex business grow, especially through the early stages. Too often when you take on a new business solution, you are left alone to get it going yourself. Not with AxiPrime. We don’t just tell you what to do – we provide you a “full assist” to get this part of your business up and running, to the point where you are accepting customers and beyond.

Depending on your package level, we can also help you with marketing and website development, and with connecting you to the people you need to know.